Microsoft Lync Install, Migration and Configuration

Well i’ve been at it a couple of hours now and i’ve gotta say that Lync 2010 is WAY easier to install and setup compared with Office Communications Server 2007. Loving the new topology tool and the migration of users from one to another is seamless.

The new control panel is awesome too, no longer do you need to use the manager and AD to get users into Lync and as an added benefit the management interface is all Silverlight and follows a similar model to Exchange where there are lots of uses of policy’s which can be moved up and down similar to exchange policy’s

Microsoft.. Huge thumbs up!!!


Microsoft Lync Launched

Today Microsoft have Launched Lync 2010, which is basically the new name for Office Communications Server. Here’s hoping its easier to setup than Office Communications Server 2007! Verdict to appear soon…

Visual Studio Themes

Stumbled upon a great site today for anyone who prefer’s a slightly different editor theme in visual studio. Studio Styles is a website containing loads of colour themes for both VS 2008 and VS 2010 and also includes a ratings system. Even if your happy with the default colours I would recommend checking the site out just in case anything catches your eye. I prefer the low contracts themes these days as its just easier on the eye!